Our History

What’s that off in the horizon? Is it a bird? Is it plane? Nope. It’s our business The Rear Gunner Clothing Company which took off July 1st, 2017 (Canada Day)!! Our squad consists of General Tim (myself), Lieutenant Joelle, Sargent James, and Private Steve The Hamster. We’re a family based business out of our home in Edmonton, Alberta Canada selling clothing inspired by the brave aviators of WWII.

Now for the history of why we decided to start our company. I loved BMW’s. I loved them so much in fact, that I got a friend to custom make a leather and wool varsity jacket with a wicked BMW Motorsport Logo embroidered on the back. Unfortunately my older brother borrowed said jacket without asking and lost it. So many years later I decided I would like another jacket and set to work designing one. As I toiled away I thought it would be great for our toddler James to have a cool jacket too. But for James I wanted to create an aviator style jacket. After much research, I realized that a leather aviator jacket with custom artwork on the back would set me back $1000 to $2000 US! So I came up with the idea to take a varsity jacket like my BMW one, and get it embroidered on the back with nose-art from WWII.

Taking my love for WWII nose art, the first jacket I designed was for James called Swappy’s Sting (“Swappy” is our son’s nickname). I even put a “J” for James on the sleeve as well as James’ birth date. Pleased with my work I got a sample made of the Swappy’s Sting jacket. When it arrived and I tried it on, I thought that everyone should be allowed to own a wicked cool jacket with WWII nose art on the back. So now anyone can have a aviator type jacket with cool nose-art on the back because it is now way more affordable. Then I created t-shirts and baseball caps as well.

I hope you like what you see as currently I’m the only company in the world creating embroidered WWII inspired nose art on wool/leather varsity jackets. So now you know you are getting something unique and special!

Signing off,
General Tim

Our Squad – General Tim, Lieutenant Joelle, and Sargent James, and Private Steve The Hamster (Not shown as he declined the photoshoot for “personal reasons”.)